Monday, October 15, 2007

Robert Austin with his singing bowls

Tuesday October 9th. We happily hosted Robert Austin and the healing sounds of his crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. A truly wonderful evening was had by all.

Robert was very generous with his time and everyone got an opportunity to experience the healing vibrations of the bowls on their bodies.

We are definitely planning to invite Robert back again soon.
For more information about Robert visit:

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Anandini;s Birthday Celebration

Well, here are some of the photos from the party. Many thanks to our photographer Dhanudhara (aka Darius).
Many thanks to Krishna for the amazing cake and Amala Chaitanya for the pizza!
And many thanks to all who attended!!!

Atma Yoga Teacher Training Part 1

The Atma Yoga Teacher Training program was both intense and blissful. It began on Monday August 13th and completed with student graduation on Sunday September 10th, 2007. Lots of study.

Lots and lots of yoga!

Atma Yoga Click Training

August 11, 2007 Click Training.
The Atma Yoga Teacher training began with a very successful event - "Click Training". About 30 people attended this amazing event. International Yoga Master Atmananda Das shared a revolutionary new practice for training the mind.

Certainly it was a powerful induction into the yogic school for handling stress and transforming character, something to revolutionize the way in which we undergo life’s difficulties. The participants were able to experience that yoga is a timeless science of ridding the mind of obstacles to personal growth, accelerating their journey of self discovery.

"It was a simple yet powerful way of factually knowing myself to be much more than my body and mind. Using a tally counter (clicker - hence the name click training) to measure the practice of training myself to be an observer of uncomfortable circumstances, rather than being a victim of them". Anandini Leese

Some of the participants of the Click Training.

And of course a delicious lunch!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Welcome to our blog

Thanks for checking out our blog!
I have been meaning to begin this blog for a long time so it's great to get started. I will be documenting events as they happen at the Self Discovery Center, and I also intend to use this blog to write about past events since our humble beginning in 2006.